New logo of ECMTA

European Chamber Music Teachers´Association celebrates its 10th anniversary with the new visual identity

To celebrate it´s 10th anniversary, the European Chamber Music Teachers´ Association has organized a competition to create the new logo for the Association. Competition deadline was 31 March, 2017. Six designers from 6 different countries took part in the competition. Three of them have presented multiple design proposals, alltogether 15 works. The winner was selected on 23rd of April, during the European Chamber Music Teachers´Association Annual Spring Meeting in Kuopio, Finland (21-23 April 2017).

We are happy to announce that the winning design is a work of an ensemble, a duo of designers/architects from Venezia, Italy:

 Elisabetta Facchinetti

and Agostino Taboga



ECMTA wishes to thank all the designers who took part in the competition for  their creative energy, inspired by chamber music. Here is and introduction to the new logo by our winning designers:

By using the german’s tones we translated in notes the name ECMTA ,
obtaining a musical theme,
five notes of the same importance,
played by a virtual quintet in which everybody is equal.
This theme is made by large notes like an ancient liturgic music,
giving the idea of the respect,
the values that are in the goals of ECMTA.
We choose different colors as symbol of different cultures and races that music help to mix.

The new logo of ECMTA: 


NB: Coming soon: Stay in tune for the new appearance of our website and social media.