Playing the instrument well is not enough: Academy provides online knowledge around the music market.

In former times it was enough to get excellent tuition in playing an instrument or in singing before becoming a professional musician and then starting a career by taking part in competitions or finding other ways. However, today’s music world is quite different: worldwide the professional education of young musicians is of exceptional quality, not least because of globalisation. Even teachers are often amazed at the students’ skills at playing an instrument or singing. Accordingly, the market is flooded with extraordinary musical talents. But what are these well-qualified musicians in for?

While studying students do not learn anything about being a self-employed musician or about establishing themselves in the market. But exactly this is the reality they have to face up to: nowadays musicians are independent entrepreneurs that have to deal with creating their artistic image, contracts, taxes, the press and the important social media. For professional musicians, who are not among the lucky ones with an agency to take care of these issues, these areas are of utmost importance.

The CLASSIC AKADEMIE GERMANY fills this gap as it provides the additional knowledge that studying music does not include. This Web-based academy aims at preparing musicians for their professional life so that they are able to assert themselves in the music market. Read more