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Autumn Gathering in Amsterdam 15.-17.10.2011

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nl8_amsterdam21With 24 delegates from 14 countries, it was an excellent turn-out for the Autumn Gathering in Amsterdam, which, as expected, was an exciting weekend. Events included a day of conferences at the Amsterdam Conservatory and a day of free entry to the Dutch Classical Music Meeting, the country’s most important classical music fair, as well as conferences, showcase concerts at the Concertgebouw and the Muziekgebouw, and a most spectacular trade dinner along with hundreds of presenters and specialists from the Dutch and international professional music scene. Our sincere thanks to DCMM senior project manager Michael Nieuwenhuizen, to Michel Dispa and Walter van Hauwe of the Amsterdam Conservatory, to student chamber ensembles of the Conservatory, and to our own member presenters for their contributions: David Dolan, Filippo Faes, Marje Lohuaru, Petras Kunca, Milena Brents and Elena Novozilova, Robert Irvine, Marine Berthet, José Manuel Gil, and Anna Prabucka-Firlej.

Special thanks to Stefan Metz, who made a moving and impassioned speech concerning the importance of specialized string quartet training during our meeting at the Amsterdam Conservatory, and who presented an excellent young quartet from the NSQA.

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nl8_amsterdam1 nl8_amsterdam43