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Annual Spring Meeting 2016 at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw – a beautiful and enriching experience!

The ECMTA Annual Spring Meeting at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw came to a conclusion on 1st of May 2016.
This was again a meeting rich with stimulating conferences, masterclasses, discussions and concerts, perfectly organized and harmoniously executed, leaving us all inspired and motivated to take new ideas forward.

The conference provided insights into Polish chamber music practice, pedagogy and repertoire. Special thanks to prof Eugenijus Laurinaitis, MD, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology at the Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, for the lecture and workshop on Chamber Ensemble as a Group: Personalities, Characters, Relationship, Creativity – and a special workshop: Relationship, Emotions, and Values in Group Dynamics – Implications for Teaching.

As with several previous meetings, the ECMTA was meeting in parallel with the Baltic States Annual Festival of Student Chambers Ensembles. This year the UMFC hosted the event with support from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Festival was supported by Ministry of Culture and Heritage. Concerts in the beautiful Wilanow Palace and in UMFC included performances of students from Poland, Russia, Baltic States and Finland.

Participants of the Annual Spring Meeting 2016 of the ECMTA wish to express their deepest gratitude to Professor Jankowska-Borzykowska, Professor Nosowska, their colleagues, assistants and students for sharing their time, resources and energy with the ECMTA!

This year the General Meeting contained Elections for the new Chairman and Board. As outgoing Chairman of the ECMTA, dr Evan Rothstein encouraged members to continue to develop and pursue the objectives of the association, and to maintain the sense of community and „family“ that has been characteristic of ECMTA meetings. The outgoing Chairman was thanked for his contribution with a standing ovation. 

The ECMTA wishes to thank the outgoing Chairman, dr Evan Rothstein, Vice Chairman Keijo Aho and outgoing Board for their incredible work that has been done for the organization.

Statement from the outgoing Chairman, Dr Evan Rothstein

Dear ECMTA Members and Friends,
It has been a privilege to serve two three-year terms as Chairman of the ECMTA. We have come a long way from that meeting in Mannheim in 2009, when the future of the association seemed to hang in the balance. Now with over 80 members – including institutions of all levels of music education, individual teachers, ensembles and independent supporters - each meeting brings together a fascinating mix of perspectives and experience, and each new members brings energy and enthusiasm in support of our mission.
My current activities no longer allow me to devote the necessary time to the development of the association, so I will not be running for reelection. But as I come to the end of my mandate, I would like to thank the members of our Board for the last two terms for their participation, interest, enthusiasm and hard work: many of the ideas for meetings, including many wonderful guest speakers, and the running of the work groups has been thanks to their efforts. I remember with deep gratitude all of the colleagues with whom our many meetings have been organized, whose skill and devotion were a source of inspiration, and all of the fascinating and endearing colleagues who have attended our meetings and given of their time, knowledge and experience in forums, discussions and masterclasses. We all owe a debt of thanks to our webmaster Matti Kettunen, who has provided excellent service these past six years.
It has been an exciting time, filled with new experiences, inspiring discoveries and many, many new friends and colleagues: it seems hardly possible, but since 2009 we have come together for meetings in Gdansk, Ascoli Piceno, Amsterdam, Rome, Tallinn, Nicosia, Savonlinna, Cremona, Dublin, Kazan, Riga, Tartu, and now Warsaw. During our fruitful collaboration with Ensemble Magazine, we published 20 articles about member activities, and during my first term we produced four newsletters a year. Many members have continued their collaborations beyond the meetings, working together and developing new networks and projects.
The quantity, range and diversity of topics covered in conferences, panels and Members’ Forum presentations have been truly extraordinary, and underline the importance of ECMTA both as a meeting place and an information sharing platform. Even as our members learn from each other and from the projects of our hosts for each meeting, time and again we see that the connection with an ECMTA meeting or delegation provides added value to our members’ projects that reinforce their position institutionally, locally, nationally and internationally. This synergy explains in part the success of our meetings.
I wish the future Chairman and Board of the ECMTA all possible success, and hope that they will continue to build on the strengths of the association.

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