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International Youth Chamber Music Festival IN CORPORE Tallinn, Estonia

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in-corporeIn Corpore is an international music festival dedicated to ensemble playing that takes place every year in Tallinn, Estonia. The participants - young performers aged 15-20 - come mainly from countries close to Estonia: from Baltic states and Finland. From the first festival in 2008 it has grown to an international event highly appreciated among the young professionals in our region. The festival is founded and organized by Tallinn Music High School and Estonian Chamber Music Teachers Association "In Corpore".

Our festival has a special tradition – besides classical chamber music repertoire young musicians perform music from their countries. In every concert, besides playing standard european chamber repertoire we hear different musical styles and get to know different national schools of composers. That way our festival has an additional dimension – it is one way to show and study our identities through music.

In Corpore festival has always had a large variety of ensembles - mostly instrumental, but also a lied-duo has always been represented. Since the "In Corpore" is very popular and everybody wants to come and play, we unfortunately have to limit the amount of participants, so all the participating music schools have preliminary rounds to select their performers for the festival.

The Festival lasts two days. Three concerts contain performances from every participating school - that is the best way of achieving variety of programs and to offer audience a wide choice of chamber music. The entrance to every concert is free, we have had full house and true festival feeling every time!

The concerts are recorded - they are visible for everyone:
Youtube/ user/incorporefestival

The ensemble playing is a way of life. Young people want to spend time together and play music together. Many of them have found their true motivation through ensemble playing - as a result they will develope faster both musically and technically, they will grow more sensitive and eventually will have more initiative in organizing concerts on their own. Young musicians have become friends with their colleagues from different countries over the years of participating in the In Corpore festival. These boundaries are for lifetime - it is not rare that even future families form themselves through chamber music. Needless to say skills needed for both family life and ensemble playing are pretty similar.