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Finnish chamber music students in Greece!

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This year was already the tenth anniversary of the Ajassa 2011! chamber music camp, devoted primarily to modern chamber music and organized by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Part of the purpose of the camp is to prepare students for performances in the Musica Nova festival and the Ajassa 2011! festivals in February and March, but the camp is also a way for students' to share experiences and work on this complicated repertoire in an intensive but relaxed atmosphere. This year the camp took place in the art residence Hellenikon Idyllion, in a village Selianitika close to city of Patras, at 15. - 23.1.2011.

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27 professional-track students with their teachers Keijo Aho, Marko Puro, and Herman Rechberger, an Austrian born composer living in Finland, spent a creative, inspiring and work-filled eight-day session concentrating on contemporary repertoire. Rechberger also works as an official host of the residence during the winter. Works studied included pieces by York Höller, Jörg Widmann, Siegfried Matthus, Dimitri Terzakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Joakim Schneider, György Kurtag, Herman Rechberger, Juan Antonio Muro, Jovanka Trbojevic, Jukka T. Koskinen, Jukka Tiensuu, and others.

Before the end of the camp, many of the pieces were performed for the other artists in residence, among them the well- known german composer Peter Michael Braun. There were also two successful concerts for the schoolchildren in the neighboring city of Aegio (the program for the schoolchildren also included more traditional repertoire). Free performances of all kinds of music were to be heard almost every evening during the joyful evening festivities of the camp's young musicians.

Between intensive rehearsals the students could be seen walking around the marvelous hills of the area of Selianitika, swimming at the shore, enjoying the friendship of the local people, and enjoying the sunny weather and warmth of the coast of Corinth strait. On the other side of the strait, the beautiful, snow-covered mountains of Parnasso, like the home of the muses, were a tremendous source of inspiration to the impressionable young musicians.

Coming events: two festivals

After this joyful camp, the results of the hard work can be heard at the International Musica Nova festival on 5.- 6.2.2011 and at the Ajassa 2011! chamber music festival on 14. - 17.3. 2011 in the Kapsäkki Theatre. It will surely be possible to appreciate the friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere of the camp through the playing of these young artists.

The organizers of this camp/festival is to develop its international dimensions. Filippo Faes from Venice and Robert Irvine from Glasgow, both members of ECMTA, are already working to make this co-operation possible for them and their students of contemporary music. The possibilities in developing this camp/festival idea are unlimited, being very suitable for the global atmosphere of modern Europe.

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