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New Chamber Music Diploma at the Regional Conservatory in Lyon

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As part of the reflection on the creation of an undergraduate level, and parallel to the recent establishment of the course; orchestra as a career, the Conservatoire de Lyon in March 2010 launched a specialised training course in chamber music (initially for strings and piano).

This course is designed for string musicians or pianists grouped into fixed ensembles holding a diploma in specialist courses from conservatoires (or an equivalent), and having substantial experience in chamber music. The goal is to further the development of this discipline and help students be prepared for further training towards a professional career.

Admission Requirements:


  • Admission will be by audition in front of a jury and a review of the application prepared and submitted by the group, outlining the students’ project, their motivation, their experience in this domain, their commitment and their availability.
  • The training is projected to take 2-3 years, from January to December.
  • Cost of training for students not already enrolled in the Conservatoire: 285 €
  • Inscription can be filed until Friday, March 5 included, to the Service de la scolarité, Conservatoire de Lyon: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organisation of courses, concerts

The courses will be organised in various forms, weekly classes, workshops or seminars. The successful groups will benefit from instruction from various chamber musicians from the Conservatoire, and also invited artists. The teams will have priority in obtaining rehearsal rooms, staging performances, concerts (libraries and municipal buildings) and in June, participation in the conservatory festival of chamber music (Palais Saint Pierre, Musée Gadagne, Musée des tissues, the salle Rene Char, Opera auditorium, ...)

Roger Germser, head of the program,

Roger Germser violinist, chamber musician, actor, has been teaching at the Conservatoire de Lyon since 1971. He was a professor at the CNSML from 1989 to 2001, for large chamber music groups, orchestral concerts without a conductor and the diploma course in the certificat d’aptitude. Head of the departments of chamber music and strings, he created and hosted since 2002, the festival « Deux ou trois jours… un tout petit détour » as well as the “orchestre Mozart”.