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Pedagogical Activity of the Debussy Quartet

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The 13th edition of the Cordes en Ballade Festival brightly ended with the students’ concert on July 17th. This year, quartets of all levels and horizons immersed themselves completely in the festival’s atmosphere, learning to work together, deepening their chamber music knowledge Quartets. And of course everyone could attend concerts of the festival’s renowned guest artists such as Marielle Nordmann, Emmanuel Rossfelder, Laurent Stewart….

Emotion, sharing, and fun were the key words of this edition.

In the continuity of this desire of transmission, a string quartet class will open early January with the collaboration of the “Conservatoire de Lyon – CRR”. Important project to the Debussy Quartet, this new step will provide regular gatherings throughout the year.

Summing up the pedagogical activity of the Debussy Quartet, there will be three meetings this year :

Debussy Quartet (Photo: Bertrand Pichene)

- The Summer Academy, inseparable of the Festival “Cordes en Ballade”

During ten days, experienced young quartets as well as ensembles constituted for the occasion join the Debussy Quartet, thirsty for chamber music knowledge ; everyone is welcome, aged 10 to 90.

- The Debussy Session: prelude of the Epau Festival in May

Those five days of intensive practice destined to five experienced quartets, students at the best musical institutions, or already preparing international competitions include two daily classes with the members of the Debussy Quartet and one concert per evening: an intensive program intended for young professionals! 

- The Quartet class will include :

Seven sessions of two days during the year, plus the participation to the academies (this program will be open at first to two young quartets, recruited by auditions).

Save the dates:

  • 14th Summer Academy from 6 to 15 July 2012
  • 11th Debussy Session from 16 to 20 May 2012
  • 1st year of the Debussy Quartet’s class, auditions in november 2011

Information and registration on the Debussy Quartet website: