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Homepit(ch) chambermusic competition for amateurs in Augsburg, Germany, at 22.- 25.5.2014.

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Augsburg2-prev* * * Unfortunately this competition is cancelled from this Spring. It will be held later! * * *

Do you love to play music together instead of just listening to the stars of the classic world? Do you enjoy meeting other musicians and work on new pieces as an ensemble? Would you like to playfully present your skills and talk to others who enjoy the same? Then you can look forward to a unique weekend (May 22 to 25, 2014) in Augsburg.

The German Mozart Society invites non-professional chamber music ensembles to meet their enthusiastic and tolerant competition jury as well as the encourageing audience of the city of Augsburg. In this competititon the fun of making music together and meet people with the same interests will most certainly be more important to everybody than winning a prize.

This house concert competition for amateurs is promoted by the German Mozart Society and it will be organized in cooperation with European Mozart Ways and the Leopold Mozart Centre of the University of Augsburg. Home pit(ch)- competition will be a part of the 63rd German Mozart Festival, which takes place in Augsburg from May 17 to May 25, 2014.


Augsburg2-prevThere will be accepted instrumental ensembles (no singers) from trios to sextets in the competititon, and there will be no age restrictions.
Changing formations in the forces of the ensemble will be allowed, allthough at least two pieces have to be presented by the main form of the ensemble. The groups have not to have a long history behind them. Also the ones that have been founded only for this competition are welcome to apply the competitition.
Participants may change instruments during the performances and one participant may play two or more instruments within one group.

It will be expected following kind of repertoire:

  •  Minimum of six movements from at least two different periods (4 to 5 minutes per movement)
  •  Duration of the entire repertoire list is at least 30 minutes.
  •  Maximum of two movements by the same composer.
  •  Arrangements of classical music are allowed but no arrangements of light music or folk music

The participants will be evaluated on their ability to play an instrument, performance vitality, intuitive expression, ability to touch others, communication skills within the ensemble, performance spirit, musical transformation ability and understanding of style.


Last year I was a member of the jury in this competition and I´ll be there also in next spring. The general atmosphere of it was really fine and all the participants very well motivated and enthusiastic from the opportunity to have a possibility to play for a high- professional jury and sympaethic audience. Like the chairman of the jury formed it in his wellcome words to the musicians:" Please, remember, we, the jury, will not only be your judges, but much more your guests in the small concerts you are going to present for us. Let us enjoy it."

And that really was the general atmosphere in Augsburg; friendly, tolerant and loyal. All the ensembles, that would not succeeded in getting a place in the final round, got a lesson from the members of the jury. Those lessons looked to make the musicians very happy, and one can only say, that in the Home Pit(ch) chamber music competition in Augsburg there will be only winners.

Keijo Aho