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A most interesting international master class and a chamber music competition with good prizes

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Delta Trio Finale Orlando Concours 2015 fotograaf Ton van der Mark 8The Orlando Competition - an international chamber music competition - for ensembles from 3 to 6 musicians (piano trios and string quartets excluded) will take place from August 11 to 13, 2016 in Kerkrade, The Netherlands.

The competition will strive to be a gentle and stimulating example of the phenomenon of competing, by asking all competing ensembles to perform during all three rounds and allowing the ensembles to freely choose their preferred compositions from the canon of the repertoire. An important part of the three prizes will be a fully scholar-shipped participation in the 2016 Orlando Festival Master Class. And all ensembles admitted to the Competition but not admitted to the Final Round will get the opportunity to participate in the Orlando Academy.

Also the other prices are really attractive:

The winner of the 1st prize (Prix Charles Hennen) will get € 4500,- cash, at least three concerts,

including apresentation in the famous Small Hall of the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam during the season 2016-2017, residency based full scholarship of tuition, room and board in the Master Class during the Orlando Festival 2016 and performances during the Orlando Festival 2016 as well.

The second (€ 3000,-) and third prizes (€ 1500,-) will also be awarded. These prizes also include a residency based full scholarship of tuition, room and board in the Master Class during the Orlando Festival 2016.

The jury of the competition will be:Orlandor Competition resized 11

  • Ellen Corver, piano, NL
  • Ingrid Geerlings, flute, NL
  • Larissa Groeneveld, violoncello, NL
  • Alan R. Kay, clarinet, VS
  • Livia Sohn, violin, VS

Delta Trio Finale Orlando Concours 2015 fotograaf Ton van der Mark

Ensembles/Musicians / Master Class and Orlando Academy teachers at the Orlando Festival are the Rusquartet (RU), Lafayette String Quartet (Canada), Osiris Trio (NL), Storioni Trio (NL), Gruppo Montebello (Ingrid Geerlings, flute; James Au
stin Smith, oboe; Alan R. Kay, clarinet; Ron Schaaper, horn; Dorian Cooke, bassoon; Elene Nemtsova, piano; Dirk Luijmes, harmonium; Xenia Gamaris, violin; Anna Yanchishina, violin; Ksenia Zhuleva, viola; Peter Karetnikov, violoncello; Szymon Marciniak, double bass; Livia Sohn, violin (solo); Henk Guittart, conductor) and Axel Everaert, tenor; Hardy Rittner, piano; Nadia Frissen, viola; Mischa Nemtsov, violoncello. Composer Wim Laman will also participate in the festival.

International Master Class - Music; Mind, body and Soul

The prestigious master class of the Orlando Festival for young professional ensembles is well known all around Europe ever since its start in 1982. In 2016 there will be organized different kind of master classes from ensembles of three to six musicians (including string quartets and piano trios) to vocalists (Axel Everaert). There will be selected 10 ensembles to the master classes and they will receive daily coaching from renowned chamber music specialists and being guided by experts also in group- communication and posture. The date of the master class will be same than that of the Orlando festival, 11 - 21 August 2016. During the festival the ensembles will gain more stage experience by performing at various concerts under guidance of their teachers.

Enrolment is possible for ensembles with an average age of 32 years on September 2016 and with a maximum individual age of 35 years. The total price per person will be 550€ for ten days, including tuition, tickets to all Orlando Festival concerts and events plus full room and board. Please, check the web- pages of the Festival for the requirements and more information.

Registration for the competition and applications for the international master classes has to be sent before April 1st 2016 via

More information:Orlandor Competition resized 3Alle winnaars Orlando Concours 2015 met de jury Fotograaf Ton van der Mark

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