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A report of chamber music activities in at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

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During November of 2010, two masterclasses, with the Gdansk Trio of the Gdansk Music Academy and Per Lundberg from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm were followed by the the 10th Lithuanian composers chamber music performance competition took place in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater Chamber Music Department.

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On 13th of November the professors of Gdansk Music Academy - Anna Prabucka-Firlej (piano), Pawel Kuklinski (violin), Krzysztof Sperski (cello) - playing together as Gdansk trio had a concert in St. John's church in Vilnius. On November 15th and 16th they gave masterclasses in the departments of Chamber music and String instruments. 15 ensembles of different composition and solo students of violin and cello participated in the masterclasses.

The other guest of the LMTA Chamber music department was a pianist professor Per Lundberg from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. He gave masterclasses on 25th and 26th of November. 14 piano ensembles and string quartets participated in the masterclasses. Per Lundberg was invited to be a member of the jury of 10th Lithuanian composers chamber music performance competition.

The competition took place on 27th of November. 10 ensembles participated of which 3 were string quartets, 2 were piano trio and 4 were piano duets with violin, viola and saxophone and one was a duet of violin and viola. The 1st place winner was the string quartet of professor Augustinas Vasiliauskas: Simas Tankevičius , Katažyna Narkevič, Ugnė Petrauskaitė and Ignė Pikalavičiūtė. The second and third places and the special prize for the best performance of Lithuanian piece went to the students of the professors A.Vainiunaitė, J. Andrejevas and D. Balsytė.

During December, the students of Chamber music department had concerts in the LMTA Great concert hall and in other concert halls in Vilnius.


Coming events

The masterclasses of the second semester of the school year 2010/2011 are planned in May. The masterclasses of the professor Avo Kouyoumdjian from University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna are planned on 5th -7th of May. On 19th -21st the members of the Artis Quartet - P. Schuhmayer, J. Meissl, H. Keffer and O. Mueller - are planned to give masterclasses. On 22nd of May Artis quartet will have a concert in the Lithuanian Philharmony.