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The European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) session at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius, 26 May–1 June 2013

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ECMALAMT1The European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) is an international network connecting 7 European music academies and 3 European music festivals. ECMA was established in 2006 on the initiative of the prominent professors of chamber music and fosterers of this music genre Hatto Bayerle (viola, Germany) and Johannes Meissl (violin, Austria). In 2011, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre was also invited to participate in the activities of the network for its considerable educational achievements in the field of chamber music. The ECMA forges young European talents focusing on established chamber ensembles – string quartets and grand piano trios. The session will provide an opportunity for young and prospective chamber ensembles to improve their skills, to get professional experience from one of the best specialists of chamber music in the world, and to forge international relations that will be useful for the future international concert activities of the ensembles. Each of the seven ECMA member academies operating in Austria, Finland, France, the UK, Norway, Italy and Lithuania, organises master class meetings on chamber music once a year, which ECMA professors and students attend. Alongside the master classes there are lectures on the different courses of chamber music and the visitors can learn about the culture and traditions of chamber music of the receiving country; chamber ensembles participating in the ECMA courses also organise courses and perform and present new programmes of chamber music which they prepare during the session.

The European Chamber Music Academy was held for the first time in Lithuania on 13–24 June 2012. The session was attended by 56 of the most promising young musicians – 5 string quartets and 8 chamber ensembles - and the most famous professors of chamber music from 7 countries. Open ECMALAMT2chamber music masterclasses was given by renovned professors – Johannes Meissl (Vienna), Avedis Kouyoumdjian (Vienna), Yovan Markovitch (Paris), Petr Prause (Manchester), Paavo Pohjola (Helsinki), Zdislaw Łapiński (Krakὁw),Janina Romańska-Werner (Krakὁw), PiotrTarcholik (Krakὁw), Julius Andrejevas (Vilnius), Augustinas Vasiliauskas (Vilnius). Several lectures took place: THE MUSICAL LIFE OF LITHUANIA AND LITHUANIAN CHAMBER MUSIC OF THE LAST DECADES by composer Mindaugas Urbaitis, professor of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, lecture INTRODUCTION TO LITHUANIAN HISTORY AND CULTURE by Dr. Loreta Skurvydaitė, lecturer at the Faculty of History of the Vilnius University and lecture SYNTHESIS OF ARTS by filmmaker Stasys Baltakis, Associated Professor, Head of Arts Management Department of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Course participants had 4 free concerts to the Vilniuspublicat the Lithuanian Museum of Applied Art, Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Concert Hall of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and Concert Hall Piano.LT.

We are proud that at the annual meeting of the Art Council of the ECMA, which took place on 15 December 2012 in Paris, the session in Lithuania was assessed as the most successful of all sessions organised in 2012. In 2013, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre will host the European Chamber Music Academy for the second time. ECMA session in Lithuania 2013 will be held over six days – 26-31 of May. Musical programmes developed by national and international chamber ensembles during the session will be presented to the public at concerts in the Grand Hall of the LAMT and at the Applied Art Museum.

Participants of ECMA session Vilnius 2013:

  • Professors: Johannes Meissl (violin, Austria), Avedis Kouyoumdjian (piano, Austria), Miguel da Silva (viola, France), Petr Prause (cello, Great Britain), Augustinas Vasiliauskas (cello, Lithuania)
  • Ensemble: Piano trios of the ECMA: FortVio (LT), Karenine (France), Srteeton (Australia), Stefan Zweig trio (Austria); String quartets of the ECMA: Zaide (France), Zelkova (UK), Morpheus (Germany), Airis Quartet (Poland); Guest chamber ensembles: 2 string quartets of LAMT
  • Lectures: "From Onstage to Online: On Performers' (Self) Representation in Old and New Media", lecturer Navickaite-Martinelli;"String quartets and piano trios of Lithuanian composers", lecturer composer, prof. Mindaugas Urbaitis; „Presentation of the lithuanian folk instruments", lecturer prof. Egidius Ališauskas.

The opportunity to participate in the lectures of an ECMA session and to observe the master classes will have a considerable positive impact on the implementation of the Chamber Ensemble Study Programme of the LAMT. Two Lithuanian piano trios, namely FortVio and Dehapy, were declared ECMA ensembles of 2011 and 2012. The studies carried out by these ensembles at the ECMA contribute to the spread of Lithuanian chamber music and its large number of performances abroad. The contribution of the world-famous practitioners and pedagogues is very important in the studies of performing arts. Following the lectures of ECMA session is a great way to raise qualifications for the professors of the Chamber music department. The experience of ECMA professors is crucial for updating the Chamber music studies programme. Combining the best ideas of Western and Russian schools creates a qualitatively new chamber music performing school of young pedagogues.