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The 1st Competition for Duos with Piano in Warsaw

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"The main reason why we decided to hold this Competition would be our attempt to affirm the importance of the concept of PARTNERSHIP as the foundation of the human's success, his creativity, social and professional attitude (...) As the smallest music partner group is a duet - beyond strictly professional terminologythe essence of the musical duo is no different  from that which connects two people who want to work together in life  and society (...)"

duos-with-piano-in-warsaw-2012-pic2-previewThese words, of the artistic director Professor Maja Nosowska and the chairman of the jury Professor Jerzy Marchwinski, welcomed participants of the First Competition for Duos with Piano, which took place in Fryderyk Chopin Music University Warsaw (Poland) at the first week of February. 57 duos came from all seven Polish Music Academies, and there were also some students from high schools and young graduate artists. The contest included all kinds of categories: piano-violin, piano-cello, piano-voice, piano-clarinet or more rare combinations like piano-double bass, piano-trombone, piano-trumpet, piano-sax or piano-accordion.

duos-with-piano-in-warsaw-2012-pic1-previewThe jury included, alongside famous polish musicians (instrumentalists and singers) a music critic and a music manager. The contest was for young musicians up to 27 years of age, and had two rounds (25 and 45 minutes each). The participants presented a rather astonishingly high level and were guided by the main idea of the contest: opposition to the still popular relation of soloist and accompanist. The atmosphere was quite special and the whole contest was a true success.

I prize 20000 Polish Zloty
Łukasz Chrzęszczyk - piano and Marta Kowalczyk - violin
II prize 15000 Polish Zloty
Mischa Kozłowski - piano and Magdalena Bojanowicz - cello
III prize 10000 Polish Zloty
Łukasz Chrzęszczyk - piano and Aleksandra Mańkowska - sax

Anna Gburek - piano and Adam Krzeszowiec - cello
Mischa Kozłowski - piano and Maxima Sitarz - violin
Paweł Cłapiński - piano and Maja Syrnicka - violin

More detail info about the winners, the prizes, the jury members are available at the web page (polish only):