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ECMTA Vice-Chairman Keijo Aho also contributes this report on the Vmeste-Together! Festival in Petrozavodsk

Vmeste! Together!
International Youth Festival in Petrodzavodsk in 26. - 28.3.2013

Already since 2009 there has arranged a festival called "Together" for professionals and amateurs, adults and children in Petrodzavodsk, in Russian side of Carelia. Each year there has been a different theme in the festival and this year it was "Mozart of the III Century". Next year the festival will concentrate on chamber music.

The main organizer of the event has been an institutional member of ECMTA, Mily Balakirev Children School of Arts in co- operation with other music institutions of the city.

Parallel 60 and Krasnodar Camerata – two interesting festivals in Russia

Parallel 60 in Surgut

surgut2-previewIn October 2013, I had the opportunity to visit two extraordinary festivals in Russia. I describe them as extraordinary because of their location: the first was Parallel 60 in Surgut, Siberia; the other, immediately after the ECMTA Autumn Meeting, was Krasnodar Camerata in southern Russia.

Surgut is a fast growing city on the Ob River in western Siberia right in the middle of the largest oil fields in Russia. Most of its inhabitants earn their living from the oil industry. The city is not really very attractive, having been built in a haphazard way with no overall plan. Also, most of the individual houses, especially in the suburbs, are not what one might call beautiful. But the city as a whole has personality and is enjoyable, and the local residents seem to be happy and proud of their home city.

Presentation of Chamber Music Competitions in Russia

BZKGood morning, dear colleagues!

My name is Ksenia Bonduryanskaya, I am the Chief of Office for festivals, competitions and special events of Moscow conservatory, our management organizes all competitions and festivals within the walls of Moscow Conservatory.

Today I would like to make a short presentation of the competitions that will be held in the next concert season and will be anyway connected with the chamber performance. So, the Second International Nikolay Rubinstein Competition for chamber ensembles and string quartets, September 2013.

The Piano Duo Maxim Puryzhinskiy- Irina Silivanova announces upcoming concerts and masterclasses

>> Kurgan – 14.03.2013
Kurgan philharmonic
Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc, Gershwin
  >> Tyumen – 15.03.2013
Tyumen philharmonic
Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc, Gershwin

>> Belgorod – 20.03.2013
Belgorod philharmonic
Schumann, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov


>> Samara – 25.03.2013
Debussy, Dukas, Chabrier, Ravel, Poulenc

>> Novokuibyshevsk – 26.03.2013
Debussy, Dukas, Chabrier, Ravel, Poulenc
  >> Pochvistnevo – 27.03.2013
Schubert, Tchaikovskiy, Brahms
>> Warsaw (Poland) – 09.04.2013
Masterclass in Chopin University
  >> Lodz (Poland) – 12.04.2013
Lodz Philharmonic
Concerts for two pianos with orchestra
Mozart, Poulenc

>> Moscow – 07.05.2013
Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow conservatory
Festival of arts "Art-November"
Brahms - composer's birthday


>> Arkhangelsk – 23.05.2013
Arkhangelsk region philharmonic
Symphonic masterpieces

"Mozart of the III millennium" competition for young musicians in Petrozavodsk

The contest of young performers "Mozart of the third millennium" was held in Petrozavodsk (Russia) within the framework of the festival movement "Vmeste - Together!" 2013. The holders of the competition were the Department of Culture of the Administration of Petrozavodsk, Mily Balakirev Children's School of the Arts, Petrozavodsk. The competition of young performers was supported by the European Chamber Music Teacher Association.

3rd N.Rubinstein Chamber ensemble and string quartets competition

Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory is proud to present the 3rd N.Rubinstein Chamber ensemble and string quartets competition named after the founder of the Conservatory. The competition will take place at the end of September 2013. All information can be found on

3rd Tatiana Gaidamovich Chamber ensemble competition

As a co-organizer Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory presents the 3rd Tatiana Gaidamovich Chamber ensemble competition. Tatiana Gaidamovich was an absolutely extraordinary person – musicologist, scientist, writer, and teacher. For many years she was one of the leading chamber ensemble professors in the Moscow Conservatory, training hundreds of student, among them Yuri Bashmet, Vladimir Spivakov, Alexander Bonduryansky, among others.

The competition will take place at the Mikhail Glinka Magnitogorsk Conservatory, 1-5 December 2012. The deadline is 1 September 2012. Further information can be found on

Chamber Competitions in Russia in 2012 and 2013

  • The 3rd International T. A. Gajdamovich Chamber Ensemble Performance Competition, will be held in Magnitogorsk, Russia in December 2012. Information on the 2nd edition of this competition can be found on this website, but consult the website for updated information arriving soon:
  • The 3rd International Nikolay Rubinstein Chamber Ensemble Competition will be held at the Moscow Conservatory in September 2013. Information will be available soon at

The I'M Piano Duo (Moscow) is prizewinner at the 5th International Piano Duo Competition in Bialystok (Poland)

The I’M Piano Duo, which ECMTA member Maxim Puryzhinskiy, participated the 5th International Piano Duo Competition, last September in Bialystok (Poland). It is one of the most important events in musical life in Poland and the biggest competition for piano duets in Eastern Europe, which attracts constant interest from both the public and musicians. This year there were 35 applicants from 16 countries. The Jury selected 5 teams from Korea, Ukraine, Georgia and Russia to perform in the final round. After the third round, the Jury awarded the 2nd Prize and Prize for the best performance of the ‛Variations on Paganini’s Theme‛ by V.Lutoslawski to I’M Piano Duo – Irina Silivanova, Maxim Puryzhinskiy – ECMTA member since 2010. The jury included ECMTA board member Anna Prabucka-Firlej – More information can be found at and

20th Anniversary of the M. Balakirev Children's School of the Arts, Petrozavodsk

In November 2011 the Children School of Arts will celebrate 20th anniversary!  What kind of school is this school? It is the Children School of Arts.

Big, young and very creative, positive, endlessly energetic and cozy, this is the way the Children School of Arts.  It is not just an educational institution but also an institution that gives concerts and holds other events. During the whole academic year the School holds concerts, exhibitions, competitions, conferences and master classes, theatre performances, press clubs. 18 creative groups form the School are a kind of School’s “Visiting Card”.  These groups include the Brass Band (led by Mr. K. Kolessov), Folklore Groups “Veresok” (led by Ms. E. Potamoshneva) and “Skomoroshina” (led by O. Gabukova), the String Orchestra “Northern Light”, Choruses “Vdoknovenie” and “Podsnejnik”.

New and interesting initiatives have been implemented in School’s concerts and creative projects, including the Children’s Music & International Festival  ”Golden Keys” and the Youth Festival of Arts Movement “Vmeste! Together!”. These projects let people of arts share their experience and achievements.

The Children School of Arts has been involved in international cooperation for more than 10 years. Karelia is located close to Finland and this fact has facilitated studies of both countries’ cultures more deeply and shared experience between them. As an example, a first joint educational project was devoted to studies of pedagogical technologies and innovations and was held by the Children School of Arts from Petrozavodsk and Niinivaara School from Joensuu (Petrozavodsk). As a result pedagogical staff from each school has got new knowledge in the field of teaching process.

An individual approach to each child and the use of new technologies has made learning processes more bright and interesting. It is well known that children involved in Arts have better academic achievements; they are more adapted to modern life and open to new dialogues. Graduates from the school have continued their studies in High Educational Institutions of Arts; they have been awarded with Grand Prix at international festivals; they have become laureates and received grants at prestigious competitions. During 12 years Ms. Valentina Markova has been School’s Director.

Since 2011 the Children School of Arts has been  a member of the European Chamber Music Teachers’ Association.

A Gala concert devoted to 20th School’s anniversary was held 11 November 2011 in the Big Hall of the Petrozavodsk State Conservatorium. The list of Anniversary events can be found on the Children School’s webpage

Report of the Piano Teachers Duet competition "Let us fill our hearts with music"

piano-teachers-competition-previewThe Competition for Piano Teachers’ Duets was held in Petrozavodsk 11-12 November 2011 within the framework of the International Youth Festival Movement ”Vmeste! Together!” and the 10th Regional Open Festival of Chamber Music ”Let us fill our hearts with music!”. The competition was organized by the Mily Balakirev Children’s School of the Arts and implemented the original idea of 4-hands music performance competition among teachers from Children Music Schools and School of Arts in groups.

Report from the 4th International Taneyev Chamber Music Competition

Dear friends,

The IV Sergei Taneyev International Chamber Ensemble Competition was held in November 2012 in Kaluga– an old Russian city, not far away from Moscow.

The competition was organized by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Kaluga region, the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, the Russian Gnesin’s Academy of Music, the Association of chamber ensembles of International Union of Musicians, the Composer’s Society of Russia, along with the support of the European Chamber Music Teachers Association (ECMTA)

taneyev-jury-previewIt is one of the most remarkable chamber ensemble competition in Russia and internationally. Its history dates from 1996, when there was the first All-Russian Competition. One of the founders of the competition was Tatiana Gaidamovich – a famous Russian musician, musicologist, professor of chamber music. After her death in 2005 the Organizing Committee decided to establish a special audition round during the competition – all participants may compete for the prize in her memory and honour.

Jury of the competition consisted of such renowned musicians as Alexander Bonduryansky, Irina Anastasieva, Alla Zhohova, Sergei Roldugin, George Fedorenko, Rubin Abdullin (Russia), Saulus Sondeckis (Lithuania), Gunta Sproge (Latvia), Farhad Badalbeili (Azerbaijan). Among Jury panel there were two ECMTA members (Bonduryansky and Sproge). Due to bureaucratic difficulties Evan Rothstein couldn’t come to Kaluga, also because of health problems Michael Flaksman had to cancel his visit to the competition.

The results of the competition:

1 Prize

Piano trio SHAIKIN Alexander, KRAVTZOV Kirill, ZEMLERUB Fedor (Russia, professors – A.Bonduryansky, I.Kandinskaya)

1st price winners

2 Prize

Piano duet Olga KOZLOVA, Nicolay KOZHIN (Russia, professor – A.Bonduryansky),
Piano Quartet GAILE Elina, JAGMANE Marta, KALNIŅA Zane, ZALITE Dace (Latvia, professor – J. Maleckis)

3 Prize

Piano trio KEKO Soedjima, TANABE Ayako, PAK Chul Gyn (Japan – Korea, professor – I.Krasotina)

4 Prize

Piano Quartet SARWIÑSKA Ewa, BRUDEREK Adam, SIENKIEWCZ Karol, WISNIEWSKA Maria (Poland, professors – A. Prabucka-Firlei, R. Kvyatkovsky)

5 Prize

Piano duet Alisa STEKOLSHIKOVA, Nadezhda GERASIMOVA (Russia, professor – D. Galynin),
Piano duet Andrey KUDRYAKOV, Alexandra STAROSTINA (Russia, professor – A.Tarakanov)


Piano duet Hripsime AGHAKARYAN, Edita HAKOBYAN (Armenia, professor – R.Tandilyan)

It is necessary to note that Piano trio SHAIKIN – KRAVTZOV – ZEMLERUB recently took the 1 Prize at the I All-Russian chamber music competition. The information about this competition will come later.

Alexander Bonduryansky

The IV International Scientific & Practical Conference was held 25 - 26 March 2011 in Petrozavodsk


«…Childhood and youth is a period in life,

when human being’s future is designed

it is a time when everyone tries something,

opens something new for him/herself

experiments and is afraid of nothing”

D. A. Medvedev


(from RF President address to Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)


The Children School of Arts (Petrozavodsk) organized the IV International Scientific & Practical Conference “Development of creative potential of the child’s personality. Pedagogical achievements, opportunities and development perspectives. Children & Youth Theatre”.

The first Republican conference about game technologies in creative development was held in 2001 at the Children School of Arts. Participants of the second conference discussed the issue of use of different methods of Art Pedagogy in 2004. In 2007 the holders of the third conference, t.i. Children School of Arts and Center of Informational technologies (Karelia State Pedagogical University) proposed to participants to discuss a very topical subject – Use of informative & communicative technologies in pedagogical activities to develop children’s creativeness.

Chamber Music activity in Moscow Conservatory in Jan – Feb 2011

List of concerts and competitions...

Chamber ensemble activity in Moscow Conservatoire in September – December 2010

List of concerts and master classes...

IV International S.I. Taneev Chamber Ensembles Competition

October 30 - November 6, 2011 in Kaluga, Russia

Detailed Information:

Deadline: May 31, 2011

For Piano Ensembles: Duo, Trio, Quartet, and Quintet. Age group 16-34. The competition will be held in three rounds: I preliminary selection round (by recording), II and III rounds in the Concert Hall of the Kaluga Philharmonic Society, audition pursuing the Prize named after T. A. Gaidamovitch in the Concert Hall of the Music college named after S. I. Taneev, the final concert of the winners in the Concert Hall of the Kaluga Philharmonic Society and the Rachmaninov’s Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

II International Youth Festival of Arts «Vmeste – Together!» 10 - 12 November 2011 in Petrazovodsk

Competition for Piano Performers/Groups of Teachers within the framework of the X Regional Open Festival of Chamber Music “Let us fill our hearts with music!”