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The IV International Scientific & Practical Conference was held 25 - 26 March 2011 in Petrozavodsk


«…Childhood and youth is a period in life,

when human being’s future is designed

it is a time when everyone tries something,

opens something new for him/herself

experiments and is afraid of nothing”

D. A. Medvedev


(from RF President address to Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)


The Children School of Arts (Petrozavodsk) organized the IV International Scientific & Practical Conference “Development of creative potential of the child’s personality. Pedagogical achievements, opportunities and development perspectives. Children & Youth Theatre”.

The first Republican conference about game technologies in creative development was held in 2001 at the Children School of Arts. Participants of the second conference discussed the issue of use of different methods of Art Pedagogy in 2004. In 2007 the holders of the third conference, t.i. Children School of Arts and Center of Informational technologies (Karelia State Pedagogical University) proposed to participants to discuss a very topical subject – Use of informative & communicative technologies in pedagogical activities to develop children’s creativeness.


Materials of 2 conferences were published.

Holder of the conference.

  • Department of Culture of the Administration of Petrozavodsk
  • Children School of Arts (Petrozavodsk) 

Partners :

  • Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia
  • Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia
  • State Committee of the Republic of Karelia on ethnic issues, public relations and religious unities
  • State Educational Institution of High Education ”Karelian State Pedagogical Academy”
  • State Educational Institution of additional education ”Institute for retraining of teachers” of the Republic of Karelia
  • Federal Institution ”Kizhi museum”

Objectives of the conference

  • To sum up and to disseminate pedagogical initiatives in field of development of children’s and youth’s capacities through Theatre and Folklore
  • To strengthen network and communication between educational institutions in field of education and culture provided to gifted pupils
  • to make up united criteria to evaluate nominations at the V International Children & Youth Music & Theatre Festival ”Golden keys”

Participants of the conference:

To take part in the conference are welcomed

  • Specialists for administration of culture and education
  • teachers from Institution of High Education
  • Experts in methods
  • Teachers specializing in organization
  • teachers from educational institution
  • other interested persons

Within the framework of the conference was planned:

  1. To exchange pedagogical experience on the following topics
    • Folklore as a spirituality factor, succession between generation and communion of young persons to ethnic traditions
    • Priority of music theatre as a synthesis of arts in development of potential of the child’s personality.
  2. to hold a joint meeting and workshops, round tables, master classes by leading specialists from Finland and Russia
  3. to organize exhibition of works by pupils from the Children School of Arts
  4. to present innovative educational programs and materials
  5. social program
    • Party devoted to Folklore Groups from the Children School of Arts (Folklore Group ”Veresok” has 15th anniversary and Folklore Group ”Skomoroshina” has 10th anniversary in 2011)
    • Premiere of the performance Historical reconstruction ”All songs shall not be sung”
    • Performance by Q-Theatre, Junior Group from Helsinki (Finland)


You can find full details about the conference on the site in division ”Projects”.

For more information, contact:

  • Koshkina Irina V. +7 814 2 72- 29- 27 Mob. +7- 911- 660- 10- 35
  • Fedorova Natalia N. +7 814 2 72-57-90 Mob. +7-921-626- 74- 50
  • Grigorieva Olga S. +7 814 2 72-57-90 Mob. 8-921-012-97-87