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II International Youth Festival of Arts «Vmeste – Together!» 10 - 12 November 2011 in Petrazovodsk

Competition between Piano Performers Groups of Teachers

within framework of the X Regional Open Festival of Chamber Music

Let us fill our hearts with music!”



Holders of the competition:

  • Department of Culture of Petrozavodsk Administration;
  • Children School of Arts

Partners :

  • Petrozavodsk State Conservatorium named after A. Glazunov
  • Vologda State Pedagogical University
  • Petrozavodsk Music College named after K. Rautio

Dates :

  • 10 - 12 November 2011 Petrozavodsk


  • Children School of Arts , 28 Parkhomenko str., Petrozavodsk Music College named after K. Rautio, 25 Sverdlov str.

Objectives of the competition:

  • to preserve and to develop classic traditions of performance by groups (duets),
  • to popularize music performed by piano in 4, 6, 8 hands;
  • to develop teachers’ performing art
  • to develop creative contacts between teachers from different musical institutions from Karelia and Russia.

Participants of the competition:

  • teachers from Children Music Schools, Children School of Arts, Houses or Centers of children creation, music studios are welcomed to take part in the competition

Requirements to performed program:

  • The group shall perform the program (2 works), the whole performing time shall not exceed 15 minutes.

Jury of the competition:

  • The jury will be appointed by the Steering Committee of the Competition.

Awarding of the participants:

  • proceeding from the results of the competition the Jury will reward winners of the competition and will issue I-II-III degree diplomas and financial prizes
  • the Jury will have the right to designate additional nominations
  • the Jury’s decision is final and is not subject for changes
  • all participants will get Participant Diploma

Program of the competition

  • Listening to participants’ programs
  • Concert by laureates of the competition of piano groups *Let us fill our hearts with music!”
  • Master classes:
    • Irina A. Kokina and Lydmila S. Andreeva, professors of Vologda State Padagogical Universtity, members of National Association of Duets by Piano (Moscow), members of International Association of Duets (Tokio)
    • Svetlana V. Sintsova – dosent from Petrozavodsk State Conservatorium named after A. Glazunov
    • Natalia J. Papsueva - teacher from the Petrozavodsk Music College named after K. Rautio, deserved worker of Culture of the Republic of Karelia

Conditions for participation in competition:

  • Application and participation fee (2000 RU per 1 group) shall be accepted up to 1 October 2011 at the address: 185002 Children School of Arts, 28 Parkhomnko str., Petrozavodsk - Russia
  • Tel. +7 814 72-23-37, e-mail: glory@


  • Receiver: UFK in Republic of Karelia (Administration of Petrozavodsk account # 02063006930)
  • Receiver’s INN: 1001040505
  • Receiver’s KPP: 100101001
  • Receiver’s account: 40703810700001000106
  • GRKSB NB Republic of Karelia Russia Petrozavodsk
  • BIK 048602001
  • 11130399040040000180 «Purpose oriented resources»
  • Children School of Arts Account 0404100404 should be indicated as a payment purpose !

To take part in the competition the following list of documents should be presented :

  • application (Application Form is below);
  • confirmation from working place ;
  • photo of the group in digital form
  • description of the group,

The payment for travel, accommodation and meals are at the account of sending side. The Steering Committee is ready to provide support in accommodating.

Contact information:

  • Tel. +7 814 72 57 90, GSM +7 921 626 74 50 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Kolesaove Olga V. (head of Groups and Accompaniment Class) home phone + 7 814 52 46 23, GSM +7 911 413 77 53


P.S. The competition shall be held within the same period of time as ”II International Youth Festival of Arts ”VMESTE -TOGETHER». You are welcomed to take part in it as well.




Application form to participation in the Competition of Piano Groups by teachers




Name of participants

Contact details (address, telephones, emailsl)

Working place (address, telephone, email)










Program for performance (full names of authors and timing)




Signed by chief of the musical institution ___________________