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Presentation of Chamber Music Competitions in Russia

BZKGood morning, dear colleagues!

My name is Ksenia Bonduryanskaya, I am the Chief of Office for festivals, competitions and special events of Moscow conservatory, our management organizes all competitions and festivals within the walls of Moscow Conservatory.

Today I would like to make a short presentation of the competitions that will be held in the next concert season and will be anyway connected with the chamber performance. So, the Second International Nikolay Rubinstein Competition for chamber ensembles and string quartets, September 2013.

Why is the competition named after Nikolay Rubinstein. Nikolay Rubinstein is a founder (in 1866) and the first director of Moscow Conservatory. He was such a great teacher, composer, conductor, musician, that Tchaikovsky dedicated his trio "In memory of Great artist" to him. Nikolai Rubinstein believed that one of the main goals of creation the conservatory in Russia was education of a new class of creative musicians, artists. To achieve this lofty goal he attached great importance to the lessons of chamber ensemble. His followers, Vasily Safonov and, later, Alexander Goedicke continued development of chamber-ensemble pedagogics at Moscow Conservatory and in the early 20's created training programs for chamber ensemble.
In 2010, at the initiative of the Department of chamber ensemble at Moscow Conservatory was established the First International Nikolay Rubinstein Competition for chamber ensembles and string quartets, the winners of which were young ensembles from Italy, Russia and Kazakhstan. In September this year Moscow Conservatory leads the Second N. Rubinstein competition. The main purposes of the contest are: to make playing chamber music more attractive to wide audience, to conserve and develop traditions of chamber music, to secure conditions for artistic cultural exchange, to enhance the artistic development and to improve professional skills, to adjust chamber music to the context of contemporary musical culture.

The international Jury includes respected pedagogues and performers. The competition consists of three rounds, the First of which is in absentia – by the video recordings. The Second and Third rounds are held in the Small hall of Moscow Conservatory. The following types of chamber ensembles are admitted to the Competition:

  • string and wind instruments and piano (not less than 3 participants);
  • piano duos (2 pianos and piano in 4 hands);
  • string quartet

One of the peculiar features of the competition is a program of the Final round, which includes a significant work of the Russian composer.
The Prize pool for the competition contains three Prizes and two Diplomas, as well as a special prize of Moscow Conservatory - solo recital in one of the chamber halls of Conservatory.
The sponsor of each contest organized by Moscow Conservatory is British Petroleum company.
Application form, documents and DVD-recording for the Ist round should not later than June 1st according to the postmark.
All the terms, program, procedure you can find in our brochure or on the website of Moscow Conservatory.

The next competition I would like to tell about is the Fifth International Competition for Winds & Percussion (November 2013). This year competition contains the category of woodwind quintet with horn. This contest is interesting because it takes place annually by two of the ten categories - eight for wind instruments, two for percussion and ensemble. Each category is represented in the competition once in five years. One of the main goals of the competition is to raise the prestige of the orchestral brass and percussion specialities.

Auditions contain three rounds: the First and the Second of them are held in the Small and Rachmaninov halls of Moscow Conservatory, the Final round - in the Great hall of Moscow Conservatory. The especial feature of the competition is performing a mandatory piece written purposely for the Second round of the competition. The pieces are written by young Russian composers and selected by a special jury, so there a "contest within a contest" happens. The scores of these compositions will be published on the website of Moscow Conservatory not later than September 1st, 2013. Prize pool includes three Prizes. Applications of the participants will be accepted not later than August 31st, 2013.

The program and conditions of the competition you can find on the website of the Conservatory.

In February 2014 the Second International Competition for voice & piano duos is held. For the first time this competition took place in January 2012 with the status of "Moscow Open competition". It was a great success both among the participants and the audience, so it was decided to expand its boundaries.

Now it is an international competition that makes its aim to promote academic chamber vocal music. Among another goals is search, support and assistance in the professional formation of vocal-piano duos. The international Jury consists of distinguished artists, respected professors - both singers and pianists.

The competition is held in three rounds including one in absentia by audio recording and two rounds in the Rachmaninov hall. The First round (by recording) contains the work by Russian composer of the XIX century, and the Second round side by side with the pieces of Western European composers contain the works by Russian composers of the XIX and XX-XXI centuries.

There are three Prizes and two Diplomas. Applications of the participants will be accepted not later than December 15th, 2013 (according a postmark).

Conditions and application form for the contest you can also find on the website of the Moscow Conservatory in the "News. Contests" section.